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PMO CV Writing Service

PMOs have been around for years, although originally underutilised, they now play a major role in the successful delivery of projects and programmes within organisations across all fields. As such the salaries commanded for support roles have improved dramatically along with the role remits, therefore the field of project and programme support has become a competitive field to get into, no longer are PMO professionals glorified secretaries, you’re the drivers behind project capability. As the support roles are now no longer a stepping stone to project management (although still can be) there is a clear career path in this field which is well suited to those who have a passion and flair for process and people improvement.

PMO office


Your CV is the key to the gateway of recruitment, ensuring you are being put forward for roles and more importantly, for the right roles. I have spoke to a number of PMO contractor who are persistently put forward for project coordinator positions – completely the wrong role for them, after reviewing their CVs the theme is that the CV is not focussing on the strategic aspect of project support. At the CV Righter, we have specialist PMO recruitment experience which is used to underpin the core areas looked for by both recruiters and HR professionals in the field, producing a strong document which clearly depicts your experience, specialities and needs moving forward.

Why use a PMO CV writing service? Because that’s what we do, we specialise in PMO and PM, just as you specialise in implementing structure and guiding project teams. Horses for courses, we are a well established business which focuses on PPM and having worked with multinational to small businesses within every field and sector we know what the employer actually wants to see and what makes them interview.

People in PMOs – PMO CV Tips

People in PMOs – well that’s what a successful PMO is all about surely? It’s all well and good having frameworks, templates and processes but without the right people behind them driving, nurturing, coaching, selling, and adding value to the business change will not happen. So, are you talking about this aspect in your CV? I didn’t think so! I’ve touched on this on a number of occasions, as your teams are also a big part of the role. As a successfully PMO professional you will be dealing with and educating a wide range of people, from senior management teams, sponsors, delivery staff, users and technical teams to name a few. Your influence can mean the difference between an inclusive and responsive experience or poor comms, delivering out of scope and no buy-in to the value of what is trying to be achieved. Therefore it is important to think about what involvement you have had, and positive changes you have made to businesses – capture this information and make sure you demonstrate good examples of this on your CV.People in PMO

PMOs are often challenged by senior management for their effectiveness and ability to add value so don’t just focus on process, you are an interface and as such you will provide a range of services whether it be consultative, supporting, mentoring & training or policing… Every business is different and if you have a range of exposure to PMOs then you should exhibit your portfolio to really enhance your chances or securing that next role and improve your rate/salary.

Coaching and Mentoring – PMO CV Tips

Next in the series of PMO CV tips I would like to talk about coaching and mentoring – arguably one of the most valuable roles a PMO can play within an organisation. Of course there are varying levels of coaching that can take place, depending on how the business is structured. Those who do not have a dedicated project management team that assign business heads to manage projects. Those growing in-house PM teams and the well established PM functions that may need some steering in the right direction. It is always worthwhile noting down a few details about what you are doing in your role regardless of whether you intend to move on or stay put for the meantime – this way, when you are ready to tackle the job of updating your CV you will have some notes to work from.

team coaching


  • Think about the skill-sets of those you are working with, their seniority within the business and how many you are supporting.
  • What is it you are educating them in – planning, risk, change, benefits management, reporting etc.
  • If you have those new to PM, are you teaching them how to manage a project? Working through scoping to close and lessons learned or on specific areas.
  • You may have implemented new frameworks and be training top down.
  • Have you been running workshops? Have you put together the presentations, workbooks and handouts?
  • Are you writing training materials?


These are just a few areas to get you thinking, once you have made some notes you will be in a position to write some good bullet points for your work experience and you may also draw out an interesting case for a key achievement.

PMOs have evolved over the years and generation of the P3O® method has certainly pushed forward the promotion of the PMO working as a consultancy for the project team, as such the roles have become far more progressive therefore it is important to include this detail within your CV to really showcase your abilities.

What should I include in my PMO CV?

You set up PMOs, manage them and enhance project capability within complex business environments but when it comes to putting a CV together – you suddenly run dry of ideas. There’s the time old guilt complex of PMOs being a team effort which makes you not want to talk about all your achievements as you may not have lead them, and the issue of roles being very “samey” from assignment to assignment which can have you stuck beyond writing that first role. There is help out there, so don’t panic! I am approached by PPM professionals from all levels who really need assistance with writing that all important CV. Let’s face it, the job market is very competitive and becomes even more competitive when it comes to core specialist areas such as PMO positions. There’s no shame in asking for help – “horses for courses” is my motto, those who can do, those who can’t will pay those who can to do it. Having a specialism in PMO recruitment, as we have, makes The CV Righter a perfect solution – you do not lose control as the approach we take is collaborative, therefore the CV remains yours but will contain all the right information for employers and recruiters to pick you for interview.

PMO back to basics

If you choose to take the steps to create the CV yourself, then you’ll need a few tips! Think about the core skill-set or requirements for a successful PMO – what makes your PMO successful?

  • Relationship building
  • Process
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Change management
  • Benefits Management
  • Interdependency management
  • Presenting
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Organisation
  • Coaching & mentoring

I am going to write a series based on the above points, drawing out ideas and providing tips on how to maximise your potential within your CV, over the next few weeks.