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Welcome to The CV Righter – our business is aimed at providing a value for money service which will ensure your applications for jobs are seriously considered for interview short-listing. Our recent and established experience in specialist project management recruitment has proved that it is not necessarily the best candidates being shortlisted for interviews, it is the best CVs.

The CV Righter is an established PM specialist, previously employed by one of the UK’s leading Programme & Project Management Recruitment & Careers Specialists, now providing 1:1 CV writing and careers support for individuals and businesses alike.

Our service is tailored to your needs, and more importantly to your prospective employers expectations. Having a background in specialist boutique recruitment, our consultant has had exposure to virtually every industry and sector from admin staff through to Directors. Due to the extensive knowledge of each industry and how CVs are reviewed, shortlisted and gain interviews The CV Righter can offer you assistance in achieving the right kind of attention from recruiters, HR staff and recruiting managers. During the recruitment process we have reviewed thousands of CV applications on behalf of major Blue Chips and SMEs. Our candidate short-listing process exposure has provided us with extensive insight into what the employers actually take seriously.

  • An exclusive service we do offer is a quick turnaround for those of you who have just seen the job of your dreams and want to submit a tailored application. Often we can provide a complete CV refresh within a few hours, ensuring you hit your application deadline and give yourself the best opportunity.
  • Our specialism is portfolio, programme, PMO and P3O management and support CVs – are you looking to break into the PPM field? Are you a seasoned PPM professional but not getting interviewed for your salary range? Maybe you just haven’t got the time or inclination to sit down and write a CV which sells your skills? Whatever the need – The CV Righter is here to help.

“What would any self-respecting and ‘productively lazy’ person do? Of course, ask if there was not someone much better qualified to do this. And of course, the answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and so I had the pleasure of engaging Nicola Caswell-Thorp of The CV Righter fame.”

Peter Taylor; The Lazy Project Manager

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My CV was outdated and in need of a complete overhaul. I'd looked at CV writing services in the past but was skeptical. Nicola's CV Righter capability however was exactly what was needed. Straightforward, personable, responsive and professional she immediately pinpointed where improvements were needed to take my CV to the level it needed to be. The result is a document that's clear, relevant and accurately reflects my experience, expertise and capability. Great job, great service, great results. I've no hesitation in recommending Nicola, which incidentally I've already done.

As someone entering the job market for the first time in many years, I contacted Nicola after a friend had told me that she had worked on his CV, resulting in a huge increase in real job opportunities. Over just a few days Nicola succeeded in transforming my CV into something that both told a strong story about my experience in PMO & project management, and is clearly speaking to hirers given the responses since my CV was published just last week.

I can heartily recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to significantly boost their prospects in the project management, and PMO job market

Nicola has helped me on more than one occasion with my CV. She has rare and in-depth knowledge of recruitment and project management. Nicola also has a great ability to write and present in a style that recruiters and clients can understand. A great combination that has provided me with a marked increase in responses to my CV. If your CV and / or your approach to finding new opportunities needs a refresh, contact Nicola

Nicola provided me with great insight on how my C.V. would likely be interpreted in the market place and highlighted subtle but significant elements that aided refinement and eliminate any periphery (read fluff) in the document. Combined with Nicola's pragmatic approach, experience and effectiveness helped me achieve my intended outcome

Nicola provides clear, trustworthy and most of all valuable information to greatly increase your chances of success in being hired. She gave me in-depth guidance on my CV using her knowledge as a Recruiter so you know her advice is experienced-based. She also is a great listener and punctual in her delivery of work. I recommend Nicola to those specialising in complex Change Delivery

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