Q. What is a CV? And why do I need one?

CV is an acronym for Curriculum Vitae and is also referred to as a resume – the CV is a professional document which contains details of your work history, education and achievements. It is the document used for job applications when there is no application form available to complete.

Q. Can I write my own CV?

Yes, of course – most people do tend to write their own CV and are very good at articulating their skills and abilities in the document. However it has become clear through years of recruitment that a great deal of candidates find it difficult to pin point exactly what is required from employers especially in an ever-changing market.

Q. Who is The CV Righter?

The CV Righter was created in 2012 to meet the demands of project management professionals who require additional assistance in creating an effective CV – for further information about The CV Righter click here.

Q. What services do you offer?

Our main service is professional CV writing however we are not limited to just this area, with extensive experience in recruitment, providing careers advice and project management delivery we can tailor a service which is right for you; whether it’s specific or general application advice, interview coaching, market intelligence or recruitment advice (as a recruiter or as a candidate)!

Q. There are a lot of CV writers on the internet. Why should I choose The CV Righter?

At the CV Righter we don’t just take your CV, throw it into a generic template and put a few keywords in for good measure. We work collaboratively with you to understand your background and skills to produce a CV which sells you in a truthful but effective light – one which employers are can understand and expect to see.

Q. What are your charges? How much will a professional CV cost me?

Charges depend on what service you require – a full CV re-write may not cost as much as you think. We offer a free CV review with no obligation to take up a further service via our contact page. By understanding you and your circumstances, we can tailor a service and price tag which comfortably meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Q. I’m a Programme Director, I’m extremely busy. How much of my time do you need?

Your initial free CV review will be emailed to you, should you decide to take up the service we will arrange a session via telephone or skype to talk about your skills and experience and tease out the bits you have missed in the CV. Then a couple of much shorter calls will be scheduled in or if you prefer these can be done via email.

Q. Will I be given the chance to give feedback and comments?

Absolutely – we actively encourage all feedback and comments throughout the process – once a first draft of the CV has been produced we send it over asking for your feedback, then we make adjustments as required until you are completely happy with the CV.

Q. How can I justify the expense of a professionally written CV?

You are investing in your future – the employment market is up and down, behaviours are changing all the time, to keep ahead of your competitors you need to ensure you are making the most of your skills and experience in your CV. This is the document which will get you the interviews; it’s your foot in the door to your next career move.

Q. What payment methods can I use?

We accept bank transfers and we can also accept Paypal* payments.

*Paypal payments are subject to a 3.4% administration fee.

Q. Will you give me free advice on writing my own CV?

This is part of the CV review and we also have a dedicated blog which is updated regularly with articles related to project management, recruitment and specific CV writing tips.

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