Why PMP Designation will Definitely Add More Weight to Your CV

With companies across the world looking for smart, cost-efficient and time-saving options for their projects, the project management professional (PMP) certification has become a must for the professional planning to build a long-term and successful career in project management fields. You may be already working as a project manager or aspiring to become a project manager, the PMP designation will help you in getting both lucrative job offers and recognition from the prospective clients and employers. You have to invest some amount of time, efforts and money to clear the professional certification exam administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). But once you clear the exam and obtain the certification, it will definitely make your CV more impressive and weighty.

Beat Your Competitors: Nowadays, thousands of jobseekers apply for a single job vacancy. So you must possess professional skills and expertise that differentiate you from others. When a prospective employer is interviewing you for a job opening, you can use the PMP designation as an advantage. As many professionals find it difficult to pass the certification exam, the designation will highlight your skills and knowledge on key project management topics. So you can use the PMP certification as a smart tool to beat the stiff competitor.

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Global Recognition: Each professional has to frequently explore options to get appreciation and recognition from his employer, client and peer. The PMP designation is recognized in various parts of the world. Also, the credential is considered as the global standard for the project managers. So the professional credential will definitely help you in getting recognition from various sources. As you have to prepare thoroughly to clear the tough certification exam, the process will give you confidence to meet various job interviews.

Acquiring Fresh Skills and Knowledge: Once you obtain the PMP certification, it will remain current for three years. You have to complete continuing education training requirements to maintain and renew the designation. As per the PMI guidelines, a PMP designation holder has to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years to keep his credential current. So the certification will indicate your knowledge on some of the latest project management concepts and methodology. When your mention the professional certification on your CV, it will convey your professional skills and advanced knowledge.

Better Marketability: Despite possessing adequate experience and skills, many project managers fail to negotiate for a higher pay package. Many employers will hesitate to hire you for the managerial positions, if you are not able to convince them about your ability and skills to manage projects. But the PMP credentials will make it easier for you to market your skills. As the designation is recognized as a global standard, you will not be required to put extra efforts in convincing your employer or client. The designation will further help you in offering your professional services as a consultant or freelance project manager.

Added Experience and Competence: The pay package of a professional increase with his experience. But often experienced professionals fail to negotiate for the desired salary. Many employers consider the job aspirant has expertise on certain aspect of project management. They also feel the candidate lacks adequate skills to manage a wide variety of projects. But when your professional experience is backed with the designation, you can definitely negotiate for better position and salary.

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