5 Great Project Management Books of 2012

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Project management is an important concept in any business. It is the process in which projects are formulated, executed and implemented in almost every business environment. Whether you are a project management expert or simply want to learn more about the techniques used in successful projects, finding the right resources is important. If you are interested in reading more about project management, here are five of the best project management books of 2012. This list is based on Amazon sales and recommendations from project management professionals. The titles range in use from the average manger to the serious project management professional.

Managing Your First Project: Project Management Quick Start by Thomas Ghantt

Many times in business, a person will find themselves managing a project without having taken traditional college courses on project management. This book provides a comprehensive guide on managing your first project, whether you have years of classwork behind you or not. The techniques discussed in the book can be applied to small project such as nonprofit events for local churches or schools or can also be applied in a business setting. The tools and techniques taught in the book will help anyone figure out what they need to do to get a group to reach a common goal.

Agile Project Management for Dummies by Mark C. Layton

As with any book that is part of the Dummies series, this book takes the reader through Agile project management and breaks it down to its simplest form. This book offers step-by-step guides to the techniques and approaches to project management. The book also provides information on the tools necessary to have successful and quick project implementation. The book also explains when Agile should and should not be used and how project managers can avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to Agile project management.

Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson

If you are looking for a quick overview of Agile and Scrum management, this is the perfect pocket sized guide. This introduction helps managers understand the basics of Scrum and Agile development without getting into the minute details of these processes. If you do not use Scrum on every project, this is the perfect guide for the occasional need.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK(R) Guide by Project Management Institute

If someone is training as a project manager and needs a guide to help them study for and pass their PMP exam, this is a must-have title. This guide is consistently updated with the latest project management concepts and information. The guide provides a comprehensive structure of project management and the tools needed to execute the concepts.

An Introduction to Project Management, Fourth Edition by Kathy Scwalbe

This comprehensive introduction to the topic, written by a Ph.D. professor, is an essential read for anyone looking to begin studying the topic of project management. The book includes up to date information based on the latest PMBOK Guide, a 60-day free trial of MatchWare’s MindView Business software and a guide to using Microsoft Project 2010. The book also provides plenty of real world examples of each topic covered in the book.

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