The rise of LinkedIn endorsements – Project Manager Skills Lists

We have seen LinkedIn evolving over the years and one feature which seems to becoming rather popular is the skill endorsement function. It is very easy to endorse our connections for various skills by “ticking a box” which is displayed in a list on our profiles. Quite an interesting function but does it really add value to your profile, because it is so easy to endorse others and those who have Skills listbeen endorsed may feel compelled to return the favour – which in essence isn’t a bad thing but if you are being endorsed for skills which others haven’t seen you demonstrate then the whole concept falls apart. It isn’t this aspect which I wish to address today; it is the perceived value of a list of skills on your profile which often takes the place of a CV for those interested in gaining a new role. I was talking with a client the other week that had a comprehensive list of skills on his CV, when I pointed out that it is not the best use of limited space on the CV and lists don’t help hiring managers – he questioned (quite rightly) why. I completely understand the need for adding in keywords but with no context the reviewer cannot see where/when/how they were used, therefore they should be integrated into the role remits with further detail on what that skill means in that role. When I pushed back with my client and asked why he was so keen to keep the list, he said that he had a lot of endorsements for skills on LinkedIn and felt that this must be the trend moving forward. I suggested a link to his LinkedIn profile on the top of his CV might be a more valuable way of offering up additional information to hiring managers, after all if you are to place a link to your profile there should be extra information there not just a carbon copy of your CV. With LinkedIn profiles it is a good opportunity to talk through further information and tempt in those recruiting through the website and then when they make contact you will have a CV which can back up the information provided – so it works both ways!

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