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I have noticed a couple of warnings about professional CV writing services on recruiter websites which are a little broad in their advice and wanted to address them. There are hundreds if not thousands of CV writing resources and services available today and I agree some are not ideal for the project management domain in that they are services which merely place your current CV into a template and rephrase your information to a professional language for employers and recruiters. This is not ideal and although it may work for some roles it is not the best use of your money for a service which promises to yield you results.

The CV resources available online are somewhat generic for PPM professionals and although they may prove a good starting point – for those who seek such guidance it may be fair to say that writing your own CV is proving a difficult task. This is where The CV Righter can support you; by offering a competitively priced collaborative service which is far reached from the generic professional CV writing services available.

At The CV Righter we understand project management in all its forms and having been a practitioner in the field of PPM and recruited specifically for project management roles across every industry from project administrator to programme director; our consultant is well versed in understanding both what you do and what is required in today’s job market.

Working closely with our clients we spend a good deal of time talking through your career history, how you work and understanding the context. Once a CV has been created (not from template) we then send over a first draft to check that all the information is true to you and has been interpreted correctly. A further discussion takes place to clarify any points and highlight any changes required. The CV is then reworked and sent back to you for further approval / notes. Once you are happy with the CV a final proof reading takes place to ensure it is as clear and concise as possible. On completion of the CV we then discuss moving forward – sometimes candidates wish to understand the current job market and how recruiters view CVs, others require assistance on where to look for roles and how to search effectively. Another service we provide is to target roles which are not advertised – putting you ahead of the game.

Throughout the service you are in control and we are here to bounce ideas off. At no point do we ever endorse including misleading information nor do we put greater emphasis on areas of weakness to enable you to get the job. We believe that in demonstrating your true skills and abilities we can gain you greater success to actually get the role not just get interviews.

For a free CV review – please feel free to get in touch and learn how your CV reads to others:

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