Why The Role Of A Project Manager Is Often Overlooked And Why It Shouldn’t Be

A project manager is essential to the success of any project. Without utilizing this invaluable resource, projects will operate inefficiently, team members will lack motivation and miss deadlines and the overall project will cost significantly more than originally budgeted resulting in losing long-term clients.


The project manager is the glue that holds the entire project together. They will act as the liaison between team members and upper management. In some instances, they may also act as the liaison between the company and the client. Each project management role will be slightly different; however, the level of importance of the role for successfully completing a project on time and on budget while ensuring the client is satisfied is equally important in all organizations.


Communication is key to the success of all projects. Today, most people work on a number of projects simultaneously. Without the direction of a project manager, every person on the team must wait for another member to complete part of a task before they are able to complete their job. Communication in these circumstances is appalling which leads to delays and frustrated team members without the guidance of a project manager.



Part of the role of a project manager is to keep team members motivated. A happy team member is a productive team member. By being in constant communication with the team, the project manager maintains their motivation and focus on the project at hand. If a team member is not performing as well as the others, the project manager will be able to work with the team member to determine ways to increase their level of productivity.


Part of the importance of constant motivation is to keep team members on task to meet deadlines. A project manager will follow up on task assignments to ensure each milestone and deadline is met. These deadlines are created with both internal and external clients. Missing deadlines in business will cost companies money and long-term business partners. Managing deadlines is a critical role of the project manager.


One of the most important reasons to hire or assign a project manager is to ensure the project does not exceed the predetermined project budget. Poor communication will result in poor efficiency and poor efficiency will lead to missed deadlines. Any misstep will lead to greater expenses. A project manager will monitor the cost of the team, materials and any other expenses directly related to the project to ensure the budget remains on target. Because emergencies do occur, the project manager will be able to immediately communicate such emergencies to directors and executives so that the client will be informed as soon as possible to prevent any dissatisfaction from the client.

To ensure the success of any and all projects, a project manager should be utilized. They will act as a liaison, enhance productivity, keep tasks on target and the budget in check. Companies that use a project manager will have far greater success than companies that do not.

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