Tricks On How To Look Confident

Not too many people are aware of how they present themselves when going on a job interview. They either look disorganized or nervous and this is something that will immediately put an end to any prospects of your getting hired. Remember that job interviews could make or break your career, so if you want to stay ahead of the race, consider these tips to make you look confident during the interview.

1. Mind your body language. Don’t ever slouch or do any unnecessary movement during the interview. This will only hint signs that you are nervous. Instead, maintain a straight and confident posture that will impress your would-be employers. Sit straight during the duration of the interview and maintain eye contact to your would-be employers. You’ll leave an impression that you’re really ready for the job.

2. Prepare Your Mind. Think positive. Condition your mind for the better and you will feel relaxed. If you keep your thoughts on the negative side, chances are, everything will definitely go wrong. You will only feel bad during the interview and might even end up losing your confidence. Think that you’ll get hired! Claim success for yourself and you will end up just like that.

3. Look Good and you will Feel Good. Choose to wear clothes that will magnify your image as a professional and knowledgeable individual. With the right attire, it feels like you can answer all the questions they’ll throw on you.

4. Smile.  Smile is what it takes to make the difference between a nervous applicant and a confident interviewee. It breaks the ice and makes you feel comfortable and more ready to face them.

5. Relax. Rest your back on your chair. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Fasten your hands while resting them either on your lap, on the table, or desk during the interview. If you really feel nervous, take a deep breath and count from one to five. During the interview, answer straight to the point. It’s OK to add a little detail—a sentence or two would do—but don’t make it too long to make you look like you’re lecturing.

Most importantly, don’t ever let the thought of getting rejected get inside your head. Remember, you’re being asked for an interview because you’ve been shortlisted. You are already a potential candidate. So give your best and go get your share of success!

About the Author –  This article is a contribution by Manilyn Moreno on behalf of Better Caterer, a catering software company. Currently, she works for the company as the Online Marketing and Content Manager. 

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