International Project Management Day

Happy International Project Management Day – a day of recognition for all those involved in projects across the globe; originally thought up by Frank Saladish back in 2004 who felt there was not enough acknowledgment given to those behind the delivery of projects.

What a fantastic idea, after all the only press projects seem to get is when something has gone wrong! I have seen many a programme and project manager shy away from high profile programmes and projects – when asked why, their responses have been that they do not want to be associated with something which is likely to yield bad press along the way. I can understand why, but it also makes me wonder whether those individuals are being a tad too risk averse or have no faith in their own delivery abilities?

There’s lots going on across the globe to celebrate International Project Management day and if your business is doing something to mark the occasion – our friends at International Project Management Day would love to hear about it.

Well done everyone – I know it may feel like a thankless job, but we all support you!!

More information can be found about IPM day here.

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