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Project Management CV Help

With the UK job market seesaw it is important to make sure you are making a good impression with your job applications – often with the lift in roles we are lulled into a false sense of security that the market will stay buoyant for a while and that the volume of roles means we are in with a good chance of securing interviews. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, the volume of applicants remains high and as such the competition is still strong. With recruitment companies endorsing the need for a good CV to yield results from your job applications and a small emergence of courses aimed at assisting project professionals gain the tools and knowhow to create a winning CV it is now widely being acknowledged that job hunters need to step up.

I have been pleased to see such interest in my field and completely agree that more needs to be done, time is of the essence and those who are fortunate enough to have the ability and/or time to put together a winning CV should take heed. For those who recognise they either cannot put together a strong CV or haven’t got the time/inclination are best suited to invest in their careers with a professional CV writer who actually understands the industry and doesn’t just play about with formatting and rewording documents at a high cost.

Project Management Help

I am presenting a PM CV writing workshop later in the year with APM as I feel it is important to give something back to the PM community and fully endorse those who can write a CV but need a little guidance should be doing so. For the rest of you, I have put together a series of blog articles with lots of examples and tips on how to create a winning CV and continue to offer a competitively priced CV writing service bespoke to your needs. A great deal of contractors come to me already bought-in to the investment opportunity of having a CV created which time after time secures them interviews moving forward, likewise a great deal of senior PM professionals who are just too busy to work on their CV step forward to take the service. I have also noticed a number of clients wanting to break into project management but not knowing where to start or indeed what the roles actually are – these clients receive coaching in a variety of areas and walk away with a strong CV and knowledge on how to approach a career change.

There are many reasons clients come to us but one which made me smile the other day was a project manager who when asked his reasoning for coming to us was that he is in a position where he can pay others to do the tasks he hates. Just like having a breakdown membership, why change the wheel yourself when there is someone much better qualified to do this whilst you get on with your life. Embrace the help that is out there and identify what is most relevant for you, treat your career needs as an investment, just as you would take PM training or invest in better tools (software) – make a difference to your life.



Project Management Careers Advice

Although there is limited information available for project management professionals looking for advice on careers – in an ever evolving job market and with project management being such a vast area to cover, bespoke advice can be very hard to come by and often rather expensive. That is why we also provide guidance with our Project Management CV writing service, some require a little coaching or advice and others necessitate dedicated sessions adding value for money. When you make contact with The CV Righter we talk to you about your career aspirations and what you have done so far working towards achieving these. We then identify where you may need further assistance which is integrated into your service package, unlike other CV writing and careers service advisors we make sure that you walk away with a CV which will yield results and be informed in how to tackle those career pitfalls moving forward.

Some areas we cover (although not exhaustive):

  • Job Applications – where to start
  • LinkedIn usage
  • Interviews
  • Cover letters
  • Engaging with recruiters
  • Internal career progression
  • Graduates
  • Negotiating job offers
  • Identifying unadvertised jobs
  • Understanding project management
  • Understanding PMOs
  • Career progression planning
  • Breaking into project management
  • Planning your approach to job applications
  • Understanding interview feedback
  • Confidence building

Hand holding

If the assistance you require is not listed, just ask – we cover a wide area of advice related to project management and careers advice. All our clients are encouraged to keep in touch after the service has been completed, we are there for support moving forward for as long as you need and even if you just want to tell someone about how things are (sharing good and bad news is always better than keeping it to yourself).