Sing about your projects

As a project management professional – whether a deliverer or a support person, you are often quite used to being in the spot light with your stakeholders and within the business; usually when things aren’t going to plan and occasionally receiving recognition for success too. But beyond the realms of a close knit environment, how can you get noticed?

I have worked with a number of organisations who actively promote the use of social networking to talk about their project achievements albeit more heavily with the not for profit businesses but slowly the larger private sector organisations are starting to realise the benefits of external promotion for their project management endeavours. Using the likes of twitter and LinkedIn can really help raise the profile of your projects and of your efforts. Utilising these free tools you can not only spread the good word but also impress your sponsors too – as news is picked up and interest is drawn into the piece of work the organisation naturally will have some good, free marketing and I have yet to find an organisation who doesn’t like good news being spread about them. Of course if you are working on sensitive projects or programmes – you are unlikely to be able to spread the word but even for the smaller change initiatives it could be well worth commanding some attention.

Through marketing out your successes and working progress you are likely to gain interest from your peers who may be looking for another perspective to consider or apply to their practices and you will start to form networks of PM professionals who will value your opinion and may be able to offer advice and exchange war stories about their experiences.

You will soon become noticed for the right reasons and may even open up opportunities for yourself in your career. Once you enter into the realms of sharing information you are likely to be invited to PM conferences and into organisations to talk about how you work and what strategies you apply to your projects. Again this is easily sold into the senior management team through the reminder that promoting your organisations best practice approach and how other organisations will learn and benefit from this is a fantastic advert for the project management team and company name.


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