Should I state my hobbies on my CV? – Questions answered.

Each week I am addressing questions asked during my consultations with project professionals, via the blog – this week we have an interesting question from a PMO professional who was concerned that stating hobbies may go against him.

“I have been considering whether to add detail about my hobbies in my CV as I do not want to put employers off – some of my hobbies are extreme sports and I have read that such hobbies may be off-putting due to the perceived danger aspect and employers worry about time off due to accidents.” – Simon, PMO Lead; Southampton.

Hi Simon, many thanks for the question – hobbies are an interesting aspect of a CV in that there have always been questions around whether they are actually required. However I have worked with a number of employers who have asked to see CVs of candidates with interesting hobbies – this is because their current teams are varied in backgrounds and interests which they have found works very well for the business. Having hobbies is important to everyone as this demonstrates that our down time is being used productively but also that we have a way of channelling our energy and stresses of everyday by escapism.

Some choose to take a safer approach to hobbies and may develop websites etc where as others as more active and choose to climb rocks at the weekend. Personally I think there are a smaller number of employers which will have an issue with a dangerous sport over no hobbies at all. We can suffer accidents merely walking to the shops so in controlled environments you are less likely to have a detrimental outcome as you are aware.

Hobbies add another dimension to a CV – when choosing potential employees it is important for hiring managers to get a good fit to the team and as such they may look to attract similar to their current team or think outside the box and consider candidates with a more varied background. To make a team we do need to consider varying elements so having colleagues who are very different from each other can address any skills gaps too.

Work does take a large proportion of our time and although it is necessary to ensure you are covering all aspects of the role you perform – adding that personal element is a good idea. We are not robots and it is better to be discarded for a role from the outset if the employer truly has an issue with your hobbies than after interviewing. Save yourself the disappointment and time – be true to yourself as the right role is only around the corner and the hobbies may be the deal breaker or deal maker!

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One thought on “Should I state my hobbies on my CV? – Questions answered.”

  1. I often review CVs and certainly wouldn’t be put off by rock climbing, mountain biking etc on a good candidates CV (although it is probably better to avoid mentioning base jumping or similar!). I would suggest that if your only hobby is watching football in the pub then you could perhaps use the valuable space on your CV for something else!

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