Identification Fraud – are you giving too much away in your CV?

In an age where we can upload our CVs online for public viewing through the vast quantity of job boards, websites and social media – it has become imperative that you protect yourself from the scammers by ensuring you are not giving too much away about yourself.

If you are keen to secure a new role it is important to ensure your CV is visible by employers and recruiters and utilising the industry specific job facilities is important. When sending your CV to recruitment companies check their policies on data protection and also be aware that putting your CV on the job websites means that recruiters can take your CV and submit you for roles you are not aware of. Unfortunately you have to weigh up the pros and cons of putting your CV out there – to get noticed and be included for roles which may not be advertised or you are not aware of, this is required. You can get around this by having a great Linkedin profile – recruiters can make contact with you to retrieve your CV so you will know who has your CV and for what purposes. This is restricting your visibility but protects you further against making applications for roles which your CV has already been submitted for without your knowledge.

Your CV should definitely have your contact details such as an email address and mobile number but it is advised that you do not put your full address and personal details such as date of birth. With these kinds of details you can have your identity stolen. It is recommended that you state an area such as city or county so the recruiters / hiring managers know if you are local enough for a role they may want to contact you about. Date of birth is really not necessary and can also lead to discrimination against roles – age should not come into it. And the law is there to protect you however it is better to leave it out for both the ID fraud and age discrimination reasons.

Leaving such information off your CV will present more room for you to add more relevant detail such as your experience and skills. If you are applying for roles direct then stating your address is a good idea – especially for employers who will then be able to see your locality with ease.

I suggest including a link to your Linkedin profile on the CV, this is a great idea if you have a well maintained profile with recommendations from previous employers, colleagues and clients. It adds to your marketability and enhances your CV. Plus it is always worthwhile having an up to date Linkedin profile as employers are increasingly using the search mechanism on this site to source potential employees during frugal times.

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