Friday the 13th Risk Management – Friday Snippet

Anyone who knows me well – knows that as such I am not superstitious but being a little accident prone to say the least, I am cautious on days which are deemed as unlucky. So today I am writing to you covered in bubble wrap, laptop running off a battery, all sharp objects and obstructions removed from my vicinity…

So I would like to address project safeguarding – as we all know, it is not just the dreaded Friday 13th when things can go wrong and in a time when no one can afford slippage what can we do to ensure we keep things on track?

Risk management – certainly nothing new here however if anything, more emphasis has been placed on this element of project management over the past few years due to the collapse of the banks and resulting EU troubles. More organisations are demanding project professionals with a greater awareness of risk management and PMOs come into their own here by promoting risk management through workshops within the business. Putting greater emphasis on risk frameworks and creating a robust risk register to ensure you are considering the bigger picture will not only put you in good stead with your stakeholders but will also raise your profile within the team and if you are good – you could become a champion in this field. As Risk Managers command an attractive salary and dedicated risk managers are in a minority, this could be a prime opportunity to break into a specialist field and really give your career a push in the right direction. Risk management is not just for financial services; all organisations taking forward business transformation will be very interested in a dedicated risk specialist. This could be a particularly good focus for contractors who go from assignment to assignment and need to hit the ground running – if you have great exposure to a number of industries and sectors coupled with the risk exposure you can potentially command very rewarding day rates.

Just some food for thought – I hope it has whetted some appetites out there and please do be careful today!

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