Counter offers from current employer – questions answered

I have been with my current employer for several years but feel I am not really appreciated – I have been responsible for delivering strategic business lead projects and implementing PM structures. I have become increasingly frustrated by the businesses attitude towards my work as I rarely receive any recognition and my salary has not been enhanced for 3 years. I decided to apply for a new role and have now found myself with a couple of offers which pay more and potentially look like good places to work, I discussed with my boss who has made a counter offer of more pay. I really do not know what to do? Tony; Project Manager, London.

So you’ve been feeling undervalued in your job for a while and as such you have taken action by applying for new roles which you feel can meet your potential and after interviewing receive an offer or two. It’s a nice place to be in and negotiations are underway with your potential employers; you have made it known with your current employer that you are going to leave your role and your hiring manager is making moves to keep you, but has he asked why you wish to leave? All very straight forward and being professional you can explain that you feel that your skills could be put to better use on a new challenge and that you are feeling undervalued currently. Then the big question comes from your boss; what do they have to offer? Now this does not always happen as a good deal of employers feel that if you haven’t taken the steps to move on that you must do what you feel is right as they do not want begrudging staff in the office moving forward. However as in your case, some businesses know that as you play an instrumental role in their projects that losing you will be detrimental to the team and the project and so contact HR and arrange a new package offering for you to stay.

Have you considered that the “knee jerk” reaction to you leaving only then presents a need to reward you? This does not bode well moving forward within this business as they are only willing to re-evaluate your current status and reward because they are going to lose you. Does this also mean that every time you want progression or a salary review that you must go through the same cycle of applying for roles outside the business to gain any recognition?

The very fact that you have originally gone out and secured job offers says a lot about where you feel you are and having been made a couple of offers from businesses which appreciate your worth whilst offering you a remuneration package which reflects this means you are indeed worth more. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, if you have any concerns about your potential employers – drop them a line with some further questions. Good luck!

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