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Come Dine With Me for Project Managers – Friday snippet

Come Dine With Me for Project Managers – Friday snippet

Here’s a novel idea – has anyone ever come up with a fun way of exploring others projects through a “Come Dine With Me” style – try and score? Imagine hooking up with 3 or 4 other project professionals in a similar capacity and spending an afternoon at their office gaining a flavour of what goes on in that organisation. This could work really well for PMOs as well as Project or Programme Managers. Throughout the week you get to have a nosey around the projects of other professionals and grade them on their management style, integration in the business, smooth (or not) running, communications etc. At the end of the week all the contestants get to sit down and share with each other their thoughts on what they liked and didn’t like about each organisation and hopefully take away some sound advice and new practices to use in their own working environment. Of course there’s no need for camera crews and let’s face it, most organisations wouldn’t allow camera crews inside their buildings when they could be potentially embarrassed or projects are sensitive. But as a professional gain-share practice – I really think it could work!

Now who is going to approach their boss about a trial?

APMG-International Showcase UK

Today I will be attending the APMG-International Showcase UK formally Best Practice Showcase in London – this is, in my experience, one of the more professionally run and useful exhibitions to attend for the PPM domain. The line up this year is a little smaller in comparison to previous years’ events however good things come in small packages. The line up planned promises to be very informative and the birds of a feather sessions tend to prove to be beneficial for those wanting a more intimate session where your questions will be heard.

This event in years past has always proven very popular with the senior project management professionals and makes for a great networking opportunity whether you are seeking a new role or simply seeking others who may be able to share their knowledge on delivering success.

It is good practice as a PPM professional to attend such events to assist you will be keeping abreast of current methods, new training workshops, PPM tools, etc. Networking is not something which everyone is naturally born with however practice makes perfect so do not be intimidated and use this as a great way to start – project management is all about networking and growing your networks is essential in the modern world.

I hope to see some of you today – please feel free to come and find me and enjoy your day!

For details of the event, please visit the APMG website here.

APMG-International Showcase UK (formally Best Practice Showcase) – Friday Snippet

It’s that time of year again where programme, project and portfolio professionals come together for the annual APMG-International Showcase UK. This is a must see event for anyone working within the project management domain and is of particular interest to senior PM, PgM and PfM professionals. The event is based around structured sessions both interactive Birds of a Feather sessions which are a more intimate session sat around a table in smaller groups to larger presentations.

Date of the event: Thursday 28th June

With sessions around portfolio management collaborative working, maturing your EPM solution, managing benefits and PPM qualifications to name a few – there is something for everyone. Programme list here.

As well as these great sessions this is a prime opportunity for you to network with your peers and hopefully walk away with some ideas, solutions and new business connections.

The event is free and based at the QEII Conference Centre – nearest tubes are Westminster and St James Park.

Register online and make sure you book into any sessions which are of particular interest as they fill up quickly. Even if you cannot take the entire day out from the office – it is worth popping across the city for a few hours.

I will be attending the event as a delegate and look forward to seeing you there – come and say hello.