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Employers dealing with redundancies

Unfortunately we are faced with redundancies all the time and it is hard to break the news to otherwise unsuspecting employees – what adds to the difficulty is when you have people who have worked for you for over 10 years and have no idea how to approach writing a CV or how to go about applying for roles.

At The CV Righter we are accustomed to dealing with such situations and have a tailored service which can help the transition of your employees back out into the world of job hunting.  We are always open to creating a bespoke service to our clients but one framework we used as a starting point is suggested below:

  • Assessing the situation as an outsider, gathering information about the people requiring the service. By understanding everyone’s position we can then look at the most effective solutions.
  • Dealing with large numbers – sometimes there may be a workforce of 40+ who need assistance – in this instance we look at breaking down the sessions for smaller groups and ideally all to be done over one or two days to ensure we are not dragging out the process.
  • Small seminars where we address the candidates in a less formal approach to give time for questions to be answered and individual feedback on CVs.
  • Running through a workshop on how to construct an effective CV whilst providing examples of good and bad CVs to be able to really help the candidates understand what is required in the current marketplace.
  • Handouts of CV templates and CV writing documents to back up all the workshop discussions.
  • Talking through how to apply for roles and where to look – giving effective recruiter inside information on how to find those roles and what to do once you have found them.

Having a wealth of experience in recruitment and also having worked on the Job Centre Plus framework to provide careers assistance with the unemployed for hundreds of candidates we are experienced in dealing with those who are lacking motivation and confidence and we have worked with factory operatives, management, professional services and all industries.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your redundancy transition – we are happy to negotiate costs to meet your budgets and we care about the people who need our help, as much as you do!

Is your LinkedIn profile good enough for business?

I have been using LinkedIn for a number of years now, at first it was often used as business contact facility but over the years it has transformed to a recruitment tool for agencies and employers and very much the B2B networking and marketing tool.

As such I have been quite intrigued by some profiles as I skip through the site from time to time to see what people are up to and read through suggested links etc. intrigued and disappointed. If I have been talking with one of my contacts and asked if they could suggest someone who could do XYZ they are always very good at passing on their experiences and more importantly their contacts. At the end of the day word of mouth really is a key driver certainly for small businesses but also with the larger names. But if you are like me, when it is suggested you use a particular business or contact then you research them first. I always check out what people are saying about them but also look them up on LinkedIn and I find it so disappointing when the profile is limited, often just stating the dates and company name and maybe a job title. There is no real meat for the viewer; in fact there is little point to there actually having a profile. I like to see recommendations from clients’, peers, line managers etc. I also like to see what it is you do in your role and if you are a small business director – what is it your business does? What projects have you worked on? Who are your clients’?

As part of an expansion to our services at The CV Righter – we are now undertaking business services such as writing content for LinkedIn profiles, and we feel that you cannot afford not to address such an important part of creating the right image for your business.

Do not delay – drop us a line to find out just how competitive our rates are for a LinkedIn profile makeover.