12 stage plan to finding that next role – PM Career Tips

Decided to take that next step and look for a new role, but don’t know where to begin? Look no further, here is you 12 step guide to finding that next role:


1.    Check your CV – get it professionally reviewed, plenty of organisations will do this for free including The CV Righter.

2.    Make appropriate updates – listen to the feedback given and make sure you address these in your CV.

3.    Make a list – what do you want to achieve? More money, a new challenge, career progression.

Moving on 4.    Research – look at the roles out there which match your skill-set and start to really understand where your applications will progressed.

5.    Networks – make contact with your networks and let them know you are looking for a new opportunity.

6.    Get your CV out there – place your CV on job websites and register with agencies. Make sure you refresh regularly so you are not going to the bottom of the pile.

7.    Decide who you want to work with – having made a decision about which agencies and job boards work for you, keep to a short list of these and keep in regular contact.

8.    Be clever – set up “jobs by email” and google alerts so you can let the technology do the trawling for you.

9.    Research employers – understand all there is to know about the companies you wish to work for and keep an eye on activity. You may get ahead of all your competitors by anticipating new roles due to changes in the organisation such as new product launches, partnering with other businesses and mergers.

10. Join in professionally related discussions – LinkedIn and Twitter often have lots of discussions; you can get yourself noticed and hear about new roles through such networks.

11. Review – keep an eye on your applications and see what works and what doesn’t, you may need to revisit point 1 if you are not harvesting interviews.

12. Keep organised – a simple spreadsheet covering all your applications and endeavours to keep track of everything is a good way to help generate new ideas and see trends for the right jobs for you with specific agencies and job boards.

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