10 Sharepoint Tips to Help Make Your Project Successful

SharePoint is an excellent tool for site creation, enterprise collaboration, project management, and portal publishing. It is probably one of the best framework for group activity applications out there. Microsoft has put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that businesses have all the tools they need to put projects together without restricting them to a narrow tool specific focus, allowing for infinite possibilities.
This is great for allowing teams to tailor project scope and design to their own specific needs, but it also creates a need for tighter control on the developer and user ends so that projects do not take on a life of its own due to the framework’s open ended nature. Using these ten tips for making your SharePoint project a success may save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.
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1. Engage Stubborn Customers
Understanding difficult clients and meeting their needs puts customer service above and beyond the norm. This will usually be noticed, and rewarded.







2. Assign A Project Owner
Give the power to control the projects overall trajectory over to someone who is capable and authorized to make decisions at all levels of your project organization.
3. Provide Proactive Training
Let’s be honest, hardly anyone reads the manual anyway. Getting in there and letting people know how to use offered products and services is a must. The alternative is that they won’t.



4. Don’t Let IT Run SharePoint
If the SharePoint collaboration system is not being designed for developers, why turn over the creation of your project to the IT department?



5. I dub Thee … Sir SharePoint … Er Uh I Mean Framework Project
Give the project a name that befits it. Don’t use the word SharePoint.



6. No end in sight
Make sure that the project is future proof by allowing for an open ended time line. You should always be improving and building upon your success, or the project will soon slip behind or even become obsolete.




7. Go With The Flow
SharePoint projects are made for real users. Save all information they provide and measure everything. Making sure you have this ability from the beginning will allow teams to take the project in the ever changing direction it needs to.



8. Manage Expectations
Letting management get the idea that it will cost nothing and be ready tomorrow is not realistic and won’t work. They probably want this, but it is very important that projects gauge delivery and cost information so that realistic expectations are the norm, not the exception.




9. Project Steering Group
Project managers are a must to guide broad project progress, but they are not the end all in direction planning. Getting other users who are integral to project success can provide insights on several levels and lend ideas that one person can not.




10. Don’t overdose on rules
Simplicity is the glue that makes project collaboration hold together.






















































Rules are important, but an overabundance of restrictions kill creativity and progress.

Making sure that your SharePoint project brings the right information and participants together in a comfortable and productive environment can be a tough task. Hopefully these 10 tips from Evokeit.com may help make the process a lot easier.

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