Three Steps On the Path To the Job You Love

If you are not yet on the path to the job you love, then you better begin immediately. Many people are suffering from burnout nowadays because they are stuck in jobs that pay their bills but don’t sustain their interests. Who knows, the job you love may be just beyond the walls of your office. You just have to be diligent in seeking. Once you get a job that you really love, you will feel that you won’t have to work at all. Your job will feel more like play rather than a means to pay your bills.

So how do you do it? Here are three practical tips for you to follow on the path to the job you love:

1. Look into yourself and know your passion

Many of us think that passions are for children who don’t have families yet, but that sort of thinking has gotten many employees stuck into their day jobs. Don’t do as the others usually do; think actively about the type of work that can allow you to satisfy your passions and at the same time help others. That may mean reading more books, recalling past events in your life, asking for counsel from other people you trust, and having more experiences so you can delve deeply into possible fields where you may want to work. Here are some practical tips.

2. Plan ahead.

Identifying your passion isn’t enough. You need to act so you can fulfill your dream of getting a job aligned with your passion. Set a time frame; that can be as short as you wish (spanning weeks) or as long as you wish (possibly years, if you need to go back to school and study). Then take note of specific actions you can take. Although later on, you may act differently from how your plan proceeded, as long as your actions are aligned with your passion, that is okay. Here are some moves you can make: being an intern, studying at a college or university, starting a business, and talking to other people who can help you find the job you love.

Find your pot of gold

3. Leave everything you aren’t passionate about

If you want to get a new job that suits your passion, then leave your old job. The more you persist in doing your old job, the more you will lose sight of your passion and your goal to seek out the job you love. Also, hanging on to your old job gives you a feeling of safety, which can be hard to give up when faced with the risky challenge of going on your own. Once you are out of your old job, you will have nowhere to go except to your new job. However, be prepared. Have some savings because it will take some time to think about what you really want in life and find a new job you will be passionate about.

When it comes to finding the job you love, don’t hesitate and don’t delay. At first, you may need to adjust because thinking about your passion is different from the thinking you do when working on a usual day job. Just remember that in the end, if you persist, you will reach your goal.

Danny Duric is an avid blogger from Australia. He earned a degree in Business Management. Ever since he discovered his passion about psychology, he is reading and writing actively about HR, career and marketing related topics. Lately he is researching the mining industry in NSW, Australia.

One thought on “Three Steps On the Path To the Job You Love”

  1. Sorry but I do not agree with point 3 and any book on this subject would not support the view that you leave a job you don’t like when you have nothing to jump into that will pay your way in life.

    Let me take the liberty of re-phrasing part of the above ‘Once you are out of your old job, you will have nowhere to go except …. the dole queue quite possibly!’

    The smart way is to make sure the land is there before you leap from the boat!

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