Free CV review for Project Management professionals

It is tough making a decision to move on in your career when there are fewer roles about and a great deal of uncertainty in business makes you wonder if you may be jumping out of the chip pan into the fire. However, we have been experiencing economic unsettlement for a number of years now so just how long can you put up with your current circumstances? Holding on for a more stable market can indeed be a sensible option for you, but as a project professional you are used to dealing with risk and as such you know how to investigate and ensure your plans come to fruition.

Bearing in mind the advertised roles are not in abundance and working hours can be restrictive for researching the hidden roles – especially when you are not 100% bought in to leaving your current role, you need to ensure the roles you are applying for yield positive response. The best way to do this is to dust down your CV and update it with your most recent experience, ensuring it says all the right things about you and your skills and also meets recruiters and employers expectations.

We are offering a FREE CV REVIEW for UK based project professionals – you can submit your CV and we will be in touch to arrange a telephone appointment to talk through your CV, explaining all the good bits and constructively talking through the parts which are not working for you. The review is performed by a seasoned project management recruitment specialist who has reviewed thousands of CVs over the years for every industry and all roles falling under the project management umbrella from project support, risk management, change management, business analysis to programme directors to name a few.

The benefit of having a project management CV review is to really understand the recruiter perspective and help you formulate a way to improve your CV. Once you know how your CV is viewed you can start to understand why you may not be hearing back from job applications and also be able to take the stand point of loading your CV to job databases so that employers and recruiters can contact you.

You are under no obligation to take up the professional project management CV writing services but if you are interested we can talk through a bespoke service which fits in with your schedule and financial constraints. Not everyone needs a full rewrite but a few essential tweaks can make the difference between gaining interviews and being ignored. Send your CV for a free review today!

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