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Merry Christmas from The CV Righter

First of all I would like to say a great big thank you to all our readers and clients, what a wonderful year it has been. Despite uncertainty with brexit there has been a great deal of exciting opportunities and I am very pleased with how my clients have progressed in their careers since having updated their CVs and providing coaching.

Lots to look forward to next year and as you all wind down for the Christmas break I am sure you will take time to reflect on last year and how you can achieve great success next year. I know from personal experience that I have often spent the latter part of the holidays wishing I had won the Christmas lottery jackpot so I could retire to an island far away.

The reality of it is that we can get a step closer to realising our dreams by improving our career prospects – this can be by working on a promotion, gaining additional training or looking outside your current company for new opportunities.

Having a background in recruitment I am acutely aware of the raise in job applications and new candidates registering their interest in new roles over the Christmas holidays and as such my word of advice is to make sure your CV is top notch. If you are serious about moving on, spend some time updating and refreshing your CV to make sure it is current and says all the right things.

I am also practising what I preach this year by going back to uni (Cambridge this time) to ensure my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is up to date as I look to study Executive Coaching formally. It is important to make sure you are investing in yourself whilst further forging your career.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all your families! Thanks again for your continued support and I look forward to the year ahead providing advice and guidance.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Nicola CT

Merry Christmas from The CV Righter

Well this year has flown by; we’ve seen a great deal of change in the recruitment market with rollercoaster dips and rises in jobs. Good to see a rise in contract positions which have suffered over the years and PMO roles coming back into play. Clearly organisations are yet again realising the benefits of a central control room for project capability, having spoken to a number of interim PMO specialists a trend of businesses cutting back on the support aspect of projects have seen a significant impact on project success. Businesses are not meeting targets and delivery is a major contributor to this, thank goodness the value of the PMO is so apparent.  Financial services are still the leader in volume of roles but technology is also a very healthy area too. Unemployment is reducing and I have worked with a number of candidates struggling to get back into work who I am pleased to say, have all now secured new roles.

Happy Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to working with clients new and old in the New Year. Hopefully the rise in new roles will continue and I wish you all success, good health and happiness for a promising New Year.

Christmas Prize Draw – win a copy of The Project Management Coaching Workbook

Would you like to own your your own copy of the fantastic “The Project Management Coaching Workbook”?

As a bit of fun we are offering up this review copy for a Christmas prize draw. 

Prize Draw

I reviewed The Project Management Coaching Workbook by Susanne Madsen for APM Project in October, as I thought it was so good I want to give away my review copy to a deserving Project Professional who can really reap the rewards from the valuable advice supplied in the book. All that you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is share your funniest Christmas story – whether it be work or home related. It might be the office Christmas do or an epic shopping trip to get that all important last packet of stuffing… You choose, and once we have some stories we will put them up for public voting on our facebook page.

Send your funny story to:


The PM Coaching WorkbookThe PM Coaching Workbook sig


All entries must be received by Friday 6th December 2013

The draw is open to UK mainland residents only, winner will be picked Friday 20th December 2013.

Prize is a signed copy of The Project Management Coaching Workbook by Susanne Madsen.


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

…12 Drummers Drumming! In our final 12 days of Christmas piece we are going for: on the 12th day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me a 12 stage plan, 11 ways to keep motivated, 10 years in detail, 9 pages too long, 8 mistakes of applications, 7 deadly sins of job hunting, 6 Key Achievements, 5 Golden Rules, 4 calling cards, 3 networks, 2 referees and a killer CV.

It seemed only fitting to round up the series with a 12 stage plan of finding that next role:

  1. Check your CV – get it professionally reviewed, plenty of organisations will do this for free including The CV Righter.
  2. Make appropriate updates – listen to the feedback given and make sure you address these in your CV.
  3. Make a list – what do you want to achieve? More money, a new challenge, career progression.
  4. Research – look at the roles out there which match your skill-set and start to really understand where your applications will progressed.
  5. Networks – make contact with your networks and let them know you are looking for a new opportunity.
  6. Get your CV out there – place your CV on job websites and register with agencies. Make sure you refresh regularly so you are not going to the bottom of the pile.
  7. Decide who you want to work with – having made a decision about which agencies and job boards work for you, keep to a short list of these and keep in regular contact.
  8. Be clever – set up “jobs by email” and google alerts so you can let the technology do the trawling for you.
  9. Research employers – understand all there is to know about the companies you wish to work for and keep an eye on activity. You may get ahead of all your competitors by anticipating new roles due to changes in the organisation such as new product launches, partnering with other businesses and mergers etc.
  10. Join in professionally related discussions – LinkedIn and Twitter often have lots of discussions; you can get yourself noticed and hear about new roles through such networks.
  11. Review – keep an eye on your applications and see what works and what doesn’t, you may need to revisit point 1 if you are not harvesting interviews.
  12. Keep organised – a simple spreadsheet covering all your applications and endeavours to keep track of everything is a good way to help generate new ideas and see trends for the right jobs for you with specific agencies and job boards.

On the 1st day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me a Killer CV

On the 2nd day of Christmas The CV Righter said to me Two Referees

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On the 5th day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me 5 golden rules

On the 6th day of Christmas The CV Righter said to me 6 Key achievements

On the 7th day of Christmas The CV Righter said to me the 7 deadly sins of job hunting

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On the 9th day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me 9 pages too long

On the 10th day of Christmas The CV Righter said to me 10 years in detail

On the 11th day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me 11 ways to keep motivated

on the 12th day of Christmas The CV Righter gave to me a 12 stage plan