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Unveiling our new animated infographic by Zack Esterhuizen Design

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular in a number of fields and apps which produce these are a plenty however taking the infographic to the next stage is an exciting concept which is being embraced across the digital media industry and spreading out to other sectors – the animated infographic. Intrigued by the concept The CV Righter engaged Zack Esterhuizen Design to create an infographic about our business and were very pleased with the service we received. I met with Zack who is the company founder of Zack Esterhuizen Design – he performed requirements gathering and really worked to understand what The CV Righter as a business hoped to achieve from the animation. Our primary goal was to have a piece of work which clearly covers our service offering and has a humour element too. Once Zack had taken down a detailed brief about the business they went away to work on a project plan and were back in touch with a story board and script for the animation which we went through together, slide by slide, to ensure it worked and said the right things. Perky Pair engaged S2Blue, an established audio services business in broadcasting, to create the voiceover – who took on the assignment with as much professionalism as Perky Pair and created a great piece of work which runs over the animation. Once this was approved and changes were made we were presented with the final product.

Not only were we impressed by Zack and Vikki’s professionalism throughout the project – we also felt included in the process which I have to say was very exciting. The final piece is both informative and easy to follow – it says a lot in a short time frame and as such I personally feel this would be an exceptional tool for engaging stakeholders on large projects. It moves away from the traditional “stuffy” format and brings a fresh element to presentations. But don’t take it from me – have a look for yourself here.

The animated infographic is a fantastic way to present service offerings to a wider audience and unlike the static format – it engages its audience with a short presentation which gets to the point and presents some great facts without getting embroiled in confusing detail. Perky Pair manage the project from start to end and engage the third party suppliers as required – overall I would say they have embraced stakeholder engagement exceptionally!