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Programme Management Office (PMO) CV Reviews

One of our specialism’s at The CV Righter is all things PMO – whether it be careers advice, coaching or writing strong PMO CVs which really get interviews. Our consultant Nicola used to specialise in PMO recruitment and has had experience of placing at all levels of the PMO within a range of small to medium sized businesses to multinational corporations across all sectors – it is this experience that has placed Nicola in the right place to thoroughly understand what employers expect to see from CVs and her in-depth understanding of PMOs and their maturity levels etc. As individuals we all have expertise in different areas, so it is quite understandable that you may think you have a good CV but are not harvesting results from your job applications. Therefore it is important to have your CV reviewed honestly and be told where you are falling short in the application process. You may have a wealth of experience in the field or changing career – either way, a well written CV which clearly demonstrates your skills, abilities and understanding of the PMO will make all the difference in getting call backs from recruiters and employers/HR etc.


As a professional CV writing service we are only too happy to provide a candid, free review of your CV which is obligation free – no mothering after the initial review has been done, what you do with your feedback is up to you. Unlike recruitment agencies you may have asked for feedback from and been palmed off with “it’s fine” because they are too busy to spend time with you telling you where you are going wrong – we spend time talking through your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you have.

Free Project Manager CV Health Check

Just like people, CVs need a health check periodically, as a project management professional you should take responsibility for your career and part of progression is updating and improving you CV as your experience grows. However there are times just like with your own health when you may suspect something is no quite right, you know when you feel there is something amiss and you aren’t functioning properly… Well you may also see these signs with your CV especially if you are applying for roles. To you the CV looks OK, but you aren’t yielding results from your applications or maybe you are but they aren’t quite the results you were hoping for.

Visiting the doctor is a good idea if you don’t feel right but all too often the GP cannot diagnose and calls for tests, and ultimately will refer you to a specialist in the field, who can investigate more thoroughly and is used to seeing hundreds of patients annually who display similar symptoms to yours and can often pinpoint what is wrong within a short consultation. Unlike the GP who is a general practitioner and is fantastic for uncomplicated ailments and conditions but has not got the in-depth knowledge of specific areas of the body to be able to accurately diagnose and ultimately understand your condition.PM CV Health Check

The same goes for your CV, you may investigate your CV and even take it to recruiters, managers, colleagues, HR friends etc but as good as their advice can be, the likelihood is that they don’t know enough about project management combined with hiring managers high expectations. Those who do will often miss how to articulate key details.

When you come to The CV Righter, you will have your CV thoroughly reviewed, and moving forward with the service you will have a thorough consultation where weak points in the document will be highlighted, completely missed areas will be teased out and poor parts will be nursed back to health to ensure the CV is really selling you.

Don’t leave it to chance, you could be missing out on some fantastic opportunities just because you hope it will sort itself out and blaming the state of the job market just isn’t an excuse. As a seasoned PM recruiter I know only too well that opportunities are still there even in perceived slow periods.

Local man secures new role after working with The CV Righter

I published an article titled “Steve Clarke pleads for work at the roadside” 21st June 2012, which highlighted the plight of a local man who was at the end of his tether looking for work after been made redundant 11 months prior. I made contact with Steve to see if we could offer some support as his story struck a chord with us here at The CV Righter.

As Steve had made over 300 applications but had only secured 5 interviews we made a strong assumption that his CV was not saying the right things about him and with little assistance out there for him and others in his position – we extended a free service to re-write his CV and offer advice about making applications for roles. At the time through the media attention Steve had gained from sitting at a roadside with a placard asking for work, he had been offered a temporary role on minimum wage which he was delighted at accepting and certainly helped him keep afloat whilst he looked to make further applications in his field as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

We re-wrote Steve’s CV ensuring it contained the information employers expect to see on a CV for such a role and ensured the content was true to Steve’s experience through constant communication. Once Steve and I were happy with the end result we then advised Steve to start making applications and ensuring his CV was searchable by recruiters and employers alike.

I received great news from Steve last week that he had been for an interview using the new CV at a local business which is currently expanding – he received fantastic feedback on his CV and his interview was a complete success, resulting in him being offered a rolling contract, there and then at the interview. Steve is delighted with the outcome and so are we!

As previously discussed in my blog we feel the help out there for those found unemployed is not good enough – however we hope sharing tips on writing CVs is useful and we offer a competitive service for those who find themselves in Steve’s position. We only wish we could offer a free service for everyone in this position. One service we do offer is a free CV review through our contact page.

One of the key areas I find in CVs which do not secure interviews is the core content of the roles themselves – often candidates feel a job title and basic summary will cover their expertise. I cannot emphasise more that job titles can be very misleading and what is standard in one company may not be in another – do not assume the hiring manager knows what you can do / have done. Write a list of your duties and then look to add some context by talking through what each competency actually means in that business.

The CV Writer specialises in project management CVs however – with extensive experience in careers advice for all types of roles we can also work with CVs from all walks of life.


Professional CV writing service – what can I expect?

There is a stigma attached to professional CV writing services – candidates being charged extortionate fees for a CV which isn’t true to them, I have seen the result of such work over the years as a recruiter which is one of the key reasons I started this business. It is important that your CV is personal to you, not just a list of skills which reads more like a job description. Having spent a number of years working in project management delivering projects and setting up support systems for project teams and then specialising in recruiting project management staff across all sectors and industries in permanent, contract and temporary roles I have decided to dedicate my knowledge and experience to assisting project people in achieving their career goals. As a consultant in this field and having provided careers advice for 5 years to project professionals and those entering the field I am in a good position to be able to really understand you and translate your background into terminology and information which is sought after in the project management field.

When engaging in our services you will work closely with me to understand the “whys” and together we will create a CV which not only markets you exceptionally in the field – it is true to you and will assist you in gaining interviews for roles which are right for you. I think we’ve all been sent to an interview by a recruiter and wondered why we are there as the role is not relevant to our skills!! By having a clear CV which tells the reader about your abilities in a professional format you will avoid such inconveniences and more importantly – will gain you the interviews for the roles you really want.

At The CV Righter we do not believe one size fits all for CVs which is why all the sessions and the final product served to you is tailored to you and your circumstances. You will never sit in an interview and be asked about something on your CV which you do not understand or have little exposure to. We don’t look to make up information but to take the experience you have and ensure it is understood by the reader. We will go through the finished CV with you (once you are happy with it) to ensure you understand all the terminology and are comfortable with it. In addition to this, based on your circumstances, we will offer you addition advice about taking that next step into securing a new role.

For a professionally written CV which is true to you – not just a template and a list of skills, make contact today to see how we can assist you. We perform a free CV review to get the ball rolling and discuss your circumstances to understand how we can support you. www.thecvrigther.co.uk