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Portfolio , Programme, Project – What’s the difference? Friday snippet

OK so today we are going back to basics, talking through what a portfolio, programme and project actually are. I was in consultation with a project manager last week who was describing his current project list, as we talked through his input into the business he asked if he was in fact a programme manager – which lead me to write this blog piece. Having spent more years than I care to remember delivering and studying in the field of project management it dawned on me that a great deal of professionals currently working in the field of project management rarely get an outsider perspective and certainly won’t have read through the skip load of books I have. So those of us who are well into the field of PPM are sat inside a rather well oiled bubble and there are hundreds of effective and hard working PPM professionals out there who are just beginning to learn of our bubble. So for all those new to the bubble – welcome and here’s a basic overview of the 3 Ps.

  • PROJECT – A piece of work with a definite start and end, and clearly defined deliverable.
  • PROGRAMME – A programme is a number of related projects run collectively to obtain specific strategic objectives and benefits.
  • PORTFOLIO – A portfolio is an assortment of projects or programmes categorised to facilitate meeting strategic business objectives through effective management. This is a centralised management of programmes, projects and sometimes portfolios which aren’t necessarily interdependent or related directly.


OK so now we have cleared that up in the simplest form – here’s a couple of useful links for further information (APM MSP MoP) . Once you start to get a grasp of the basics, I assure you, you will be drawn into wanting to know more.

If you are in need of some advice about what it is you actually do – get in touch, no question is a stupid question and with a little consultation we will have you well placed for taking that next step to finding a new role:

Professional CV writing service – what can I expect?

There is a stigma attached to professional CV writing services – candidates being charged extortionate fees for a CV which isn’t true to them, I have seen the result of such work over the years as a recruiter which is one of the key reasons I started this business. It is important that your CV is personal to you, not just a list of skills which reads more like a job description. Having spent a number of years working in project management delivering projects and setting up support systems for project teams and then specialising in recruiting project management staff across all sectors and industries in permanent, contract and temporary roles I have decided to dedicate my knowledge and experience to assisting project people in achieving their career goals. As a consultant in this field and having provided careers advice for 5 years to project professionals and those entering the field I am in a good position to be able to really understand you and translate your background into terminology and information which is sought after in the project management field.

When engaging in our services you will work closely with me to understand the “whys” and together we will create a CV which not only markets you exceptionally in the field – it is true to you and will assist you in gaining interviews for roles which are right for you. I think we’ve all been sent to an interview by a recruiter and wondered why we are there as the role is not relevant to our skills!! By having a clear CV which tells the reader about your abilities in a professional format you will avoid such inconveniences and more importantly – will gain you the interviews for the roles you really want.

At The CV Righter we do not believe one size fits all for CVs which is why all the sessions and the final product served to you is tailored to you and your circumstances. You will never sit in an interview and be asked about something on your CV which you do not understand or have little exposure to. We don’t look to make up information but to take the experience you have and ensure it is understood by the reader. We will go through the finished CV with you (once you are happy with it) to ensure you understand all the terminology and are comfortable with it. In addition to this, based on your circumstances, we will offer you addition advice about taking that next step into securing a new role.

For a professionally written CV which is true to you – not just a template and a list of skills, make contact today to see how we can assist you. We perform a free CV review to get the ball rolling and discuss your circumstances to understand how we can support you.

Cover Letters

Whenever anyone mentions cover letters I hear the same old sigh and comments such as; “Does anyone actually read them?!”. It is a bit of a lottery depending on who is reading your application but it cannot hurt to write one specific to the role and especially when applying direct to an employer it is courtesy. Remember you are being judged from the moment you make contact with an employer or recruiter – simply writing, “See attached” or even sending a blank email with your CV attached is not good form. Equally, writing a cover letter which is generic is also not adding to your application.

  • When writing an effective cover letter you should look to address the person you are sending properly – if the job advert states the name of the person accepting the application, make sure you address it to them personally.
  • Ensure you state where you saw the advertisement and what the role is (remember HR and recruiters deal with numerous roles at once).
  • Look to add some strong content which matches up your relevant experience to the role itself – if the job advert states it requires someone who has implemented PMO procedures then make sure you add detail about a time or times when you have had this input.
  • Do not copy and paste detail from your CV – you’ve already stated this.
  • If the business product has a strong synergy to a current or previous employer – talk about this, demonstrating your understanding of the way the industry works.
  • Do not be afraid to add into the letter that you will follow the application up with a call to discuss your experience further and state a date; then do as you say you will.

Remember you are one of a number of applicants for any one role – making an effort to tailor your application not only demonstrates your enthusiasm for this role, it also demonstrates your written communication skills and ability to follow up on pieces of work. As a project professional these are key qualities and as stated above, will be judged from the outset.

Making a smaller number of tailored applications will return a higher number of call backs and interview possibilities rather than applying for everything with the word project in it. Remember when dealing with recruitment agencies you will soon gain a reputation if you apply for everything, especially when the roles as so dissimilar. Create a good impression first time around and be remembered for the right reasons – you may not make it into the shortlist for that role but a new role may just be being qualified that has your name on it, a good recruiter will recognise this and have you top of the list to speak to for that role.


The CV Righter is a professional CV writing service aimed at project and would be project professionals – we can assist you in tailoring your CV and cover letters for specific roles too.

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